From Europe to India, and from the vine to your glass, we are present at each stage of the process. We select, distribute, advise, educate and offer tailor-made services for all wine lovers in India.

Our reputation is built on the quality of our services and our products, an ongoing commitment to our clients and our partners in India, as well as in Europe. To achieve this, our team is in France several times throughout the year to acquire a deep understanding of wines and therefore provide the best service possible to our clients.


Faustine Import Pvt Ltd is a company specialized in the import and distribution of wines, spirits, soft and agri-food products and tableware based in New Delhi.

We have acquired a great deal of expertise both in the regulations and the distribution of these products.

If you are a producer in France, we can put your product in line with the Indian state, as well as implant and distribute to our partner here. We are constantly looking for new products in order to respond to a growing demand.



We create unique wine moments for our guests in the most prestigious restaurants in India, whether you are looking to develop your tasting skills, meet an expert, focus on a specific wine region, or just share a memorable time with some friends, stay in touch.


We are committed to assist all professionals in this field offer our guidance for you to make the right decision; whether you need purchasing advice or practical information on storage, serving temperature, proper glassware use, decanting, opening time, or even food pairing.